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Web Design Web Design

Beauty works. Get your message across in a way your audience can’t resist. Let us design a great experience for your clients. We speak Wordpress, other CMSs as well as custom built solutions.

Host & Care Host & Care

Don’t want to take care of the technical stuff? We’ve got you covered. Our clients love our Host & Care package, which covers all your hosting needs, updates, backups and 30 min maintenance credits per month.

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Looking for more visitors? Let us optimize your search engine rankings the white hat way. You wouldn’t be the first to get visible results in visitors and sales through our methods.

About Us

Our little secrets.

We are a small Web Design and Web Service agency. We are based in Bavaria/Germany, working globally, and living as digital nomads for a couple of months every year. We have a passion for sustainable, handcrafted solutions.



Left Brain Hemisphere

A true blue nerd. As a child back in the 80s, he told his mother that he had a computer in his head. It followed the breakthrough of personal computers. His life is full of versatile projects, programming reality, beautiful design and yoga. He studied Multimediaart in Salzburg/Austria, where he mastered several disciplines. A highlight: being a student of Stefan Sagmeister (related project). He is a truly left-brained individual, with pioneering determination and humor. He not only makes beautiful websites but knows especially how to solve problems.



Right Brain Hemisphere

An intuitive creative female nerd, passionately drawing since her childhood. Enjoys being creative in any way she can which explains the right-brained view on things. Originally studied Social Work to save the world – eventually joined Philipp on the mission to create beautiful websites for everyone. Now saving the world through meditation and some of her own web projects. At Metamonks Mirjam is responsible for communication, project management and creative writing.


What our customers are saying.

  • Ritchie Yip – President Infighting Training Centers

    I highly recommend Metamonks. They immediately understood my position as a business owner and were able to comprehend my concerns that our website needs to look and feel a certain way to represent our brand. As well, Metamonks understood the important of the website being able to attract new customers. If you’re looking to attract new customers and make more money through your website, I recommend Philipp and his team at Metamonks without reservation.

    - Ritchie Yip – President Infighting Training Centers
  • Burkhard & Kirsten – Akasha Yoga Academy

    German quality, progressive technology, aesthetic taste, holistic responsibility, reliable and individualized support – all in all great value and amazing service. What else would you expect? We had high expectations – and all our needs were met. Bottom-line: This is the support we were looking for.

    - Burkhard & Kirsten – Akasha Yoga Academy
  • Bettina Sahling – Newslichter

    Mirjam and Philipp realized the re-launch of my website in 2011. Our cooperation was characterized by a deep understanding about the direction of my content and audience, as well as a perfect solution which considered my financial possibilities very well. Plus, we had a lot of fun :) My readers’ feedback regarding functionality and design, and the stunning increase of my visitors proves that it’s an incredibly well done job. Thank you so much!

    - Bettina Sahling – Newslichter

From the Blog

26 February

The Zen of wp-admin

I’ve seen it. Yes, it exists! Back in the days when I mainly fixed other people’s websites for a living… man, I’ve seen a lot. That’s why we only maintain sites we’ve built ourselves nowadays. Seriously, what are some people thinking? I’ve seen nice, even minimalistic (in our world that’s good!) looking sites. But as soon […]

3 February

Do pink bananas convert? An excursion into color psychology in web design.

Posted in Design | No Comments

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso Today I want to raise awareness about a very important and controversial topic. The psychology of colors and how it helps us to increase our web audience and conversion rate. Once upon a time I wanted to have my room painted in pink. […]

22 January

One thing at a time. Why multitasking is only for computers.

Posted in Lifestyle | 2 Comments

Ok, I admit it: I sometimes make sexist jokes and comments. That doesn’t mean I’m a sexist. It just means the gender discourse is not safe from my humorous tendencies. I can’t and don’t want to help it. My partner, in business as well as in private life, is my most regular target. One hilarious […]