On our mission

to empower humanity to shine

Metamonks is a publisher for personal development products.

We produce, publish, and distribute teachings that unleash human potential.

Our Offerings


Academy for Extraordinary Lovers.

With Beducated we’re bringing ancient teachings from Tantra and Taoism together with the latest research to a modern audience. A tasteful, contemporary, and bedroom compatible learning experience.

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Daily Growth

Live, Grow, Inspire.

Daily Growth is our platform for personal development junkies. In the magazine and (upcoming) online courses we cover topics like Health, Mindset, Consciousness and Success.

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Soulful Hustle

Learn to build and grow your soulful business.

On our Soulful Hustle Magazine we share behind-the-scenes insights on our marketing and launch strategies.

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Tantra Wiki

Unveiling Ancient Knowledge

Our newest project’s purpose is to open-source the often confusing world of Tantra. We believe that this precious knowledge belongs to everyone.

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