Bold mission, clear vision. Meet the Metamonks.

Where do we start… we are two. We like simple things. The most complicated thing in our life sometimes is: we are also a couple. But actually, we’re doing good!

As you’re asking – this is how we look standing on rooftop bars:


Very rarely will we have coffee and croissants together. That’s not because we don’t like you, or coffee + croissants. But because we work remotely. Our base is in Munich/Germany, but we enjoy escaping that routine. That’s why we might call from Spain or Thailand one day.

While that might sound a bit hippie, we do take our work seriously. We simply don’t think our lives should be tied to one place. And nowadays they don’t have to be; our technical setup has grown pretty advanced, yet at the same time simple, over the years.

We talk a bit more about our lifestyle in our strictly semi-personal newsletter. Are you in?

Yes Please!

We’ve grown up

Metamonks was originally started by Philipp and Mariah in 2013. Over the years the team has grown, and various positions and accountability charts have been created. Meet our key players:


Philipp Steinweber

Founder, CMO, and guy that constantly comes up with (too many) new things.


Mariah Freya

Founder, COO, and responsible for liberating orgasms around the world (not kidding!).

Isabella Kecht

Content Marketing and Social Media Queen. Plus changing the world by connecting humans with nature.

Vanessa Guerrero

Customer Support Angel. Making and keeping our clients happy. A wholehearted Possibilitarian – living her life from heart to world.

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What about that monk thing?

You got us: We’re not monks at all. We do however think that the internet needs some more monkness. It’s just too noisy. The Zen tradition especially has some very inspiring methods for dealing with clutter. That’s why we can relate a lot to it.

We personally do meditate too, and studied traditional Yoga in Asia for quite a while.

But most important: Metamonks sounds cool!